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clannad sakagami tomoyo
powerpuff girls
women lily allen
il fullxfull high resolution
weapons weapon ak
flowers grass
wildebell1 high resolution
kristen bell celebrity
k-on hirasawa yui
men actors paul newman portraits
video games doom retro
abstract pattern squares
women jennifer aniston
4eff9224a1b60e47e1cd605d67f4950e manga anime
harp seal baby
katana deadpool wade wilson marvel comics
alessandra torresani
kaws by cazemm does anyone have any stuff
ships vehicles
skulls skull
white lines fractal
kannagi crazy shrine maidens
fractalius jellyfish underwater jelleyfish
the office dwight schrute rainn wilson
blue sub vision pretty please anon higher resolution
skulls vampires skull vampire
9194 high resolution
working thread manga anime
nature leaves frogs amphibians
touhou reiuji utsuho
soviet russian watches aviation watch clocks
boots boobs women indoors rubber redheads fetish cleavage
f9ab9638eaa98d0f50f3b7e7357df541 are there any more of these have
grim reaper reapers
seals animals seal animal
headphones girl
island rate my just made this what do
126flower pedal high resolution
vocaloid hatsune miku
suicide doom pixelation commander keen
queens blade tomoe
touhou moriya suwako reiuji utsuho yasaka kanako
watafall lets get an epic nature thread going
mh2 kirin vs akantor by eronzki999 high resolution
bez tytu anybody got this in hr high
seals animals wildlife
011 110 trimmit high resolution
tengen toppa gurren lagann yoko littner
kunstbende 2010 high resolution
grave high resolution
ipomoea purpurea pollen high resolution
kunstbende 2010 172 high resolution
touhou kaenbyou rin reiuji utsuho hinanawi tenshi nagae
kaya scodelario
grim reaper
frogs amphibians

hdwall.us - End of life announcement:

hdwall.us project is in refactoring stage. Most of the wallpapers have been reviewed and moved, some bad wallpapers/tags have been removed. Still missing Color module, but it will be added later.
What is the main thing to migrate? answer is simple - security, performance improvements, new features, bigger wallpaper collection.

What is changed (at backend) :
  • PHP 5.6.* -> PHP 7.2.*
  • MySQL 5.5.x -> MariaDB 10.3.x
  • Apache -> Nginx
  • PHP processing from mod_php via apache -> php-fpm via unix socket to Nginx
  • Current project stage is turned into TDD developing mode, so it will take extra time to deliver everything to the internet users. Registration is currently disabled, only already registered users can see internal content.
    Top issues - how to keep High Availability site with 50M db records online using 16GB of RAM, keep code clean and maintainable for long term.
    New site prototype availabe at Only HD Wallpapers.
    Please be patient because there is only one persone who's coding everything from time to time ;)

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