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100 1723edit made this thought would share
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music cassette pirates share black background
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doesnt fit the theme but thought id share
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beastie boys futurama 800 600 share your walllz
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hdwall.us - End of life announcement:

hdwall.us project is in refactoring stage. Most of the wallpapers have been reviewed and moved, some bad wallpapers/tags have been removed. Still missing Color module, but it will be added later.
What is the main thing to migrate? answer is simple - security, performance improvements, new features, bigger wallpaper collection.

What is changed (at backend) :
  • PHP 5.6.* -> PHP 7.2.*
  • MySQL 5.5.x -> MariaDB 10.3.x
  • Apache -> Nginx
  • PHP processing from mod_php via apache -> php-fpm via unix socket to Nginx
  • Current project stage is turned into TDD developing mode, so it will take extra time to deliver everything to the internet users. Registration is currently disabled, only already registered users can see internal content.
    Top issues - how to keep High Availability site with 50M db records online using 16GB of RAM, keep code clean and maintainable for long term.
    New site prototype availabe at Only HD Wallpapers.
    Please be patient because there is only one persone who's coding everything from time to time ;)

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